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Equine Massage


Bodywork has many benefits such as:

Increases flexion

Improves performance

Relaxed and happy horses

Assists muscles to stay supple

Aids in prevention and recovery of injury

About Us

Jodie Mazzini is a fully qualified masseur of humans, as well as horses. Having completed an Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy course (EMFT), she specializes in combining holistic therapies such as: gua sha, shiatsu, cupping and aromatherapy into her treatments. 

Having prior bodywork knowledge and experience with humans, Jodie appreciates how important and essential bodywork is for horses and the benefits it brings them.


Bodywork for 1 horse $100

2 or more horses $80 each

Case studies included for all treatments 

$30 travel cost for 10-50km from 3172

$70 travel cost for 50-100km from 3172

Packages of 3 treatments $220 (3 individual treatments on one horse to be used in 3 consecutive months)

Referral Program

When you refer friends who have a bodywork session with us, you will receive a $30 referral voucher to be used at your next bodywork session!


This is an unlimited reward that many of our wonderful clients use towards the wellbeing of their horse. We have the capacity to help a lot of people just like you!

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Q. Can equine massage help my horse after a training session or event?

A. Yes! Equine massage is beneficial after training to assist the muscles and ligaments remain supple and reduce inflammation, as well as to help reduce lactic acid and tension in muscles after training or an event. It's also been found to help reduce soft tissue injury.

Q. How is equine massage different to other treatments?

A. Equine massage and bodywork is a great compliment to other treatments your horse receives. By reducing tension in muscles, it supports the skeleton and helps the ligaments work to their best ability. Stretching can assist your horse with flexion and movement.

Q. Is equine massage a luxury treatment for my horse?

A. The horse may think so, however many people find that the benefits of the bodywork far outweigh the investment, and the horse responds by being more manageable, calm and relaxed.