Some of our happy customers

Check out Candy's tongue!!! She's really getting into her TMJ massage!

Prince receiving cupping on his traps and rhomboid.

Harmony relaxed and giving her neck a good stretch after her bodywork session.

Bruce was wary of me at the start, however relaxed nicely as you can see.


Denny wasn't so happy with the trigger points I found during his bodywork session, but felt very relaxed afterwards.

Dion the stunning Friesian was fabulous to work on and such a gentle giant.

Whiz is a therapy horse with a sway back. Responded very well to his bodywork session and I suggested some trot pole work to help with strengthening his abdominal muscles.

Rusty was very nervous initially, looking at his owner a lot, however he loved Bergamot essential oil and that took the nerves away!

Maxi is a young inquisitive Clydie x Gypsy Cob who was broken in but not ridden. 

Valkyrie looking.jpg

Fella and Toby post bodywork.

Fella is playful and loves fun!

Toby was very anxious and alert, however loved his bodywork and was very relaxed post treatment!

Valkyrie (a smaller Friesian) is one of the precious older horses I've had the priviledge to work on.

Pikki - Warmblood.jpg

Pikki is a Warmblood with a pretty clipped coat! He is another one of our mature horses who was a perfect client!